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IOD score card

Above Ground, by A.M. Harte (5:50)

Today we see that when the same problem recurs so often that instances start singing to you in mocking tones, it’s time to close the book.

IOD Score card

Amber Fang, Book 2: Betrayal, by Arthur Slade (40:00)

Today we see that playing to your protagonist’s strengths can inspire an engaging start. What I gleaned about the story: Vampires are awesome in the cold. And a smart-assed AI…

Amber Fang, by Arthur Slade (40:00)

Today brings us another winner! This time it’s a spunky vampire librarian assassin.

The Lust for Blood, by Charmain Marie Mitchell (2:05)

Today we see that even deliberate echoing can be distracting if the surrounding prose doesn’t support the effect.

The Vampire of Northanger, by Bryce Anderson (40:00)

Today we see an example of a stylistic homage paid in brilliant coin. Jane Austen’s long-lost vampire novel.