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IOD score card

Forge of the Jadugar, by Russ Linton (38:56)

Today we see that when a reader picks up a series in the middle, it can be maddeningly difficult to keep them on board. And when Bryce blows off his…

IOD score card

Discordia: Short Stories from The Golden Apple of Discord, by Lauren Hodge (0:51)

Today we see that an overly stylized narrative voice can push readers away rather than drawing them in. What I gleaned about the stories: Supernatural entities can easily be identified by…

A Moonlit Task, by Tom Hansen (11:49)

Today we see that some low-level irritants eventually fade into the background, while others only get amplified with each occurrence.

Grey Magic, by JT Lawrence (4:13)

Today we see that if a reader cannot trust the typography, they will never relax fully enough to immerse.

Three Mermaid Tales: Short Stories, by Anne Seaworthy (2:00)

Today we see that the more conclusions you draw for a reader, the less interest they have in reading on to decide for themselves.