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IOD score card

The Drifter: and other short stories, by Robert Scott-Norton (17:34)

Today we see that invented or foreign prose that is close to English needs to be lampshaded or it feels like an error.

Aurelia: six ghost stories, by David Bramhall (0:56)

Today we see that immersion needs more than a series of statements connected together.  What I gleaned about the stories: People who don’t use any sort of name lead tedious…

Dancing and Other Stories, by Harriet Steel (2:14)

Today we see that mistakes on the first page of a story can push a reader away before they’ve found any reason to continue. What I gleaned about the stories:…

Monsters & Demons, by Brian Rella (1:33)

Today we see that if your first paragraph doesn’t let the reader in, readers might not push past it.

Cats and Other Tales, by Julia Underwood (5:26)

Today we see that, if the narrator and characters don’t show emotion, readers won’t feel any either. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes we don’t realise something is part…