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IOD score card

Heaven’s Jubilee And Other Short Stories, by Faith Blum (1:10)

Today we see that readers will assume obvious differences are significant. What I gleaned about the stories: Exercise can be better for keeping warm than staying still; especially if one…

The Aeronaut, by Bryan Young (3:27)

Today we see that any unbelievable thing can happen in a story, so long as the reader is given reason to believe you did it on purpose.

Ignifer Tales, by Michael John Grist (2:16)

Today we see that if you evoke a sense of immediate and visceral horror in the reader, they will be confused if your characters then seem bored. What I gleaned…

A Dodge, A Twist, and a Tobacconist, by Sophronia Belle Lyon (24:17)

Today we see that readers want time to anticipate big scenes before they happen, and then to savor them afterward.

Before the Chase by Dara Fogel (14:51)

Today we discover that where you explain your world can be more important than how focused you are when you do it. What I gleaned about the stories: Two mystical…