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Junk and Other Short Stories, by Duncan James (1:12)

Today we see that a change in format conveys meaning; and if it doesn’t convey something about the story, it conveys something about the author instead.

IOD score card

She Dreams of Lonely Stars, by LW Patricks (1:37)

Today we learn that some readers actually read your legal page, and they find mistakes there to┬ábe just as disturbing as anywhere else in your book. What I gleaned about…

Millersville, by Brendan Detzner (1:57)

Today we see that proper manuscript editing is not optional.

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Resistance (Divided Elements #1), by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky (7:39)

Today we see that a writing style that draws attention to itself can be a double-edged chainsaw.

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Book Simulator, by Chris Yee (40:00)

Today we learn the art of the long con. And we’re thoroughly delighted to be conned.