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IOD score card

Above Ground, by A.M. Harte (5:50)

Today we see that when the same problem recurs so often that instances start singing to you in mocking tones, it’s time to close the book.

IOD score card

Toils and Snares, by Robert L. Slater (27:08)

Today we see that civilization is fleeting and fragile. What I gleaned about the story: Samuel has been watching a plague unfold, and has finally been convinced that he needs…

IOD score card

Rite of Rejection, by Sarah Negovetich (40:00)

Today’s survivor teaches us that treating readers as intelligent collaborators pays dividends.

Fools’ Apocalypse, by Anderson Atlas (4:56)

Today we examine an effect I’m going to call “evasive narrating” in which the narrator appears to be trying to shake the reader off his trail by changing topic rapidly and unpredictably.

The Tilt, by M.A. Robbins (17:04)

Today we see that when characters experience facts but have no reaction to them, emotional, they’re like plot zombies. And nobody chooses to spend time getting to know zombies.