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IOD score card

White Rabbit Society, by Brendan Detzner (3:59)

Today we see an intriguing story set in a magical house derailed by distracting and unintended patterns in the prose.

The Seal of Throkar, by Marniy Jones (6:43)

Today we see that subtle word misuse can create unintended comical effects that break immersion.

Mage Slave, by R.K. Thorne (3:50)

Today we see that pronouns are like pit-bulls.

Salvage Trouble, by J.S. Morin (40:00)

Today we see that sometimes, the limitations of physics present an opportunity to be awesome.

Wrong Side of Hell, by Sonya Bateman (5:25)

Today we see that if a prologue can be replaced with 5 words of exposition, it probably should be.