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Play Your Way To Better Stories

Click image to view. When writer’s block strikes, the instinct is to hunker down and work the problem, but that’s the path to boring solutions. Find better story ideas, and…

What to do about pronoun poisoning

Click image to view. When you get sloppy with your pronouns, immersion gets poisoned. Here’s an overview of how to keep your hes and shes from getting tangled. Plus, we…

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An IOD Book Club. Crazy idea?

Click thumbnail to view video. A behind-the-scenes report from Immersion Control. With IOD-TV starting to get some traction, Jefferson proposes a new element to the channel: a sort of online indie…

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IOD-TV Episode #4: Echoing Headwords

Echoing headwords: what they are and what can you do about them.

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IOD-TV Episode #3: Suffocated Empathy

In this episode of The 5-Minute Immersion Lab, I’ll walk through the problem I call “suffocated empathy,” explain how it works, and then give an example of how to nip it in the bud.