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IOD score card

God and the Saber-Toothed Tiger and other stories, by Ed Weiss (1:21)

Today we see that readers are looking for your stories; not your “awesome guy achievement awards.” What I gleaned about the stories: If you’re in a queue to pay, you…

IOD score card

Cosmic Seasoning: A collection of short stories by L. G. Keltner (2:32)

Today we see that if you tell readers they might not like your work, they may take your advice.

IOD score card

8 Short Stories, by Floyd Looney (1:30)

Today we see that shifting between temporal tenses is fraught with peril and must be done with care.

Star Crash: A Space Anthology by Vera Loy (2:13)

Today we see that if you tell a reader something they have already assumed, it can deflate tension.

Somewhere to Turn: stories by Linda Courtland (27:53)

Today we see that poor layout can hide good prose.