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A Short Film Collaboration

I love to explore different kinds of media, and one of my favorites is animation. I’ve always been a bit of an animation junkie, and even worked in the field…

Robots Vs. Fake Robots: And Other One Act Plays, by David Largman Murray (7:18)

Today we see that a story doesn’t have to be conventional to hold a reader’s interest; but it does have to be clear.

Strawman Made Steel, by Brett Adams (15:57)

Today we see that drama and a strong character can overshadow a recurring problem, but not forever.

Three Tales for Christmas, by Steph Bennion (40:00)

Today we see that if all the characters so far have obscure names from a particular ethnic group, readers will assume the characters are members of that group. What I…

Somewhere to Turn: stories by Linda Courtland (27:53)

Today we see that poor layout can hide good prose.