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Comedy Shorts: Four Short Stories….., by Robin Storey (2:30)

Today we see that commas are not the only punctuation that can get repetitive. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes comedy opens with a funeral rather than ending with…

Angels in the Moonlight, by Caimh McDonnell (40:00)

Today we see that humor and danger make a good team. What I gleaned about the story: Bunny and Gringo are partners in crimefighting, two Irish policemen who make an…

The Day That Never Comes, by Caimh McDonnell (40:00)

Today we see that the flashforward is more like a blaster than a lightsaber: not the most elegant or civilized weapon in the author’s armory, but in the right hands it does the job. We also learn that funny is good, so please send Bryce more funny books.

Book Simulator, by Chris Yee (40:00)

Today we learn the art of the long con. And we’re thoroughly delighted to be conned.

A Short Film Collaboration

I love to explore different kinds of media, and one of my favorites is animation. I’ve always been a bit of an animation junkie, and even worked in the field…