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Cheer Up, Jimmy: 3 Melancholy Short Stories, by Dania Sonin (1:31)

Today we see that if you lose the reader’s trust once, they hold the rest of the book to a higher standard.

IOD score card

Black Cat Tales: Black Anne and Other Short Stories, by Andy Morris (0:56)

Today we see that if your first paragraph loses the reader, the rest don’t matter.

IOD score card

The Drifter: and other short stories, by Robert Scott-Norton (17:34)

Today we see that invented or foreign prose that is close to English needs to be lampshaded or it feels like an error.

Threw Lake and other short stories, by Les Bill Gates (3:15)

Today we see that a single paragraph can unravel a page’s worth of reader interest.

Thirteen, by Jonny Newell (2:33)

Today we see that changing the meaning of your punctuation in mid-sentence is a recipe for a shipwreck. What I gleaned about the stories: The Devil may have gone down to Georgia, but…