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Less than Noble, by J.M. Riou (40:00)

When a book’s opening gives the reader pause, the clock is already ticking. At that point, there isn’t much time to win them back, but today we see that it…

IOD score card

Strange Stories And Novellas, by Jillian Kulp (0:56)

Today we see that, while a spellchecker is no substitute for an editor, readers will be strongly concerned if a book hasn’t even been spellchecked. What I gleaned about the…

Lonely Out in Space: A Collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories, by M.R. Holman (0:47)

Today we see that finding a formatting issue within another distraction makes both issues even more distracting. What I gleaned about the stories: To the objective witness, life lacks drama. Find…

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Blood and Beauty and Other Weird Tales, by Jeff Chapman (2:14)

Today we see that if you don’t tell readers who your protagonist is, they will subconsciously fill in the blanks, and then blame you when their guesses turn out to be wrong.

IOD score card

The Fire Mages, by Pauline M. Ross (29:29)

Today a young girl named Kyra takes us on a whirlwind journey to her heart’s desire, but forgets to let us experience it with her.