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IOD score card

The Eagle’s Flight, by Daniel E. Olesen (26:57)

Today we see that good prose needs an assist from narrative action.

IOD score card

8 Short Stories, by Floyd Looney (1:30)

Today we see that shifting between temporal tenses is fraught with peril and must be done with care.

IOD score card

From a Foreign Shore, by Andrew Knighton (40:00)

Today we see that a single change to the existing world can often capture a reader’s interest better than changing many things.

IOD score card

Lament of the Fallen, by Andy Peloquin (33:08)

Today we see that a book can start strong, but stumble when it tries to loop back around.

The Space Between, by Scott J. Robinson (33:30)

Today we see that major story motives have to be convincing or readers won’t buy into the crisis that drives the plot.