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IOD score card

A Threat of Shadows, by JA Andrews (13:26)

Today we see that fantasy capitalization syndrome can ruin a good story.

The Space Between, by Scott J. Robinson (33:30)

Today we see that major story motives have to be convincing or readers won’t buy into the crisis that drives the plot.

The Ring and the Flag, by William L. Hahn (7:21)

Today we see that tiny issues may not bust immersion, but when they gather in sufficient number, the colossus they form is plenty big enough to get the job done.

Allies & Enemies, by Cheryl S. Mackey (2:51)

Today we are reminded how important it is for authors to actually visualize the scenes they’re describing.

The Crown and the Mage, by Corinne Morier (3:34)

Today we see that characters should not have information that the physics of their situation denies them.