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IOD score card

Defragmenting Daniel, by Jason Werbeloff (21:13)

Today we see that an intriguing premise can blunt the impact of technical problems. We also see that Bryce has a squeamish tummy.

IOD score card

Resistance (Divided Elements #1), by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky (7:39)

Today we see that a writing style that draws attention to itself can be a double-edged chainsaw.

IOD score card

Rite of Rejection, by Sarah Negovetich (40:00)

Today’s survivor teaches us that treating readers as intelligent collaborators pays dividends.

The Rat Collector, by Chris Yee (6:21)

Today I am reminded that when the problem is a stylistic one, examples can recur so frequently that the reader gets hyper-sensitized to them.

Get On Board Little Children, by Victoria Randall (4:05)

Today we see that any conversation that begins with “You already know this…” is heading for the rocks.