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IOD score card

The Dark of Light, by Audrey Sharpe (7:47)

Today we see that it’s hard to feed your reader worldbuilding porridge while a giant chocolate cake of dramatic tension is being wheeled by.

Invasion, by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant (40:00)

Today we see another IOD survivor, and appropriately enough, it’s a story about survivors. But I’m still waiting for a glimmer of something new.

Viridian System Sampler: Eight Short Stories, by Jemima Pett (5:55)

Today we see that the speech patterns of non-native speakers should either be close enough to normal not to be noticed, or noticeable enough to immediately let the reader know the speech will be odd.

Fantastic Visions 2, by Julian M Miles (2:50)

Today we see that contradictions can damage immersion more easily than strong images can create it.

Glass Within Glass: Three End of the World Stories, by Nathan Kuzack (1:24)

Today we see that¬†awkward prose can come¬†in many forms. And many places in the book, too. What I gleaned about the stories: Manifest destiny is a lot more fun for…