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Made in the Image of the Goddess, by Chantelle Griffin (2:41)

Today we see that low-level grammar and punctuation errors can kick the reader out of a story before it even starts.

More Than Monsters, by J.M. Riou (16:33)

Today we see that if an author can’t handle common verb tenses, even a strong story will eventually shake readers into the shrubbery.

Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen, by Daniel M. Bensen (16:50)

Today we see a great premise weakened by a bit of sloppy spelling.

The Darkening Dream, by Andy Gavin (31:32)

Today we see that even well-written stories can be vulnerable to pesky anachronisms.

Ours Is The Storm, by D Thourson Palmer (9:54)

Today we see that when a mistake occurs regularly, it can sensitize the reader to seeing it everywhere, even when it’s not wrong.