The ImmerseOrDie Science Fiction Smackdown
Eight great indie novels, chosen by Jefferson. From the brutal curators at ImmerseOrDie comes this collection of indie science fiction novels, each chosen under a glaring spotlight of judgment, and all carrying our simple promise: Guaranteed not to suck.


  • Strictly Analog by Richard Levesque: In a completely networked world, sometimes you need a man who isn't.

  • Dark Matter by Brett Adams: His suicide gave him power. Now history wants him dead.

  • Crimson Son by Russ Linton: His only superpower is that he has none.

  • Colt Coltrane and the Lotus Killer by Allison M. Dickson: The classic tale of the beautiful heiress, the gritty detective, and the internal-combustion robot sidekick.

  • Black Ocean Mission Pack 1 by J.S. Morin: Science built the vessel, but only magic can make it go.

  • Pay Me, Bug! by C. B. Wright: With a crew like this, who needs enemies?

  • The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl by Bryce Anderson: The singularity is upon us and it fights like a girl.

  • The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree by S. A. Hunt: A two-fisted shootout of gunpowder and steam.