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  • Guest appearance on RockingSelfPublishing Guest appearance on RockingSelfPublishing
  • ImmerseOrDie Index Super-charger The IOD index page is now super-charged. With over 300 posted reviews, finding the ones you’re looking for was getting a bit dense. But that’s all changed now.
  • Finally! Free at ALL major ebook stores. After almost two weeks of wrangling with Amazon, they finally found the problem with their systems. The new ImmerseOrDie Anthology is now listed for free in all regions. Hooray! So there’s nothing to hold you back. You can get it for the cost of a single click, at Kindle, Kobo, Apple, or Nook. You’re going to love it.
  • Anatomy of a Book Cover Designing book covers is an exercise in optimization. There are so many different needs to be served, and they can sometimes be in opposition to each other. Does it accurately convey the genre? Does it plant the germ of a story in the reader’s mind? Will it appeal to exactly the kinds of people who ...
  • The Best-of-2015 Collection from ImmerseOrDie Countless best-of-the-year book reviews will tell you what titles they liked in 2015, but at ImmerseOrDie, our year-end roundup goes all the way to eleven. We’re not just going to tell you about them—we’ve actually put together a deal that will let you own them. And at a crazy price, too. No, really. We’re just ...