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Articles, Commentary, and Reflections on the IOD Review Series

  • New IOD-TV Episode: What is immersion anyway? Thumbnail of 5-Minute Immersion Lab videoA working definition of immersion, and how it can help you write more engaging fiction.
  • IOD-TV Episode #4: Echoing Headwords IOD4 thumbnailEchoing headwords: what they are and what can you do about them.
  • IOD-TV Episode #3: Suffocated Empathy Still image from IOD-TV Episode #3In this episode of The 5-Minute Immersion Lab, I’ll walk through the problem I call “suffocated empathy,” explain how it works, and then give an example of how to nip it in the bud.
  • IOD-TV is on the air IOD-TV promo cardAfter several months of planning and preparation, I’m pleased to finally let the lid off the next phase of the great ImmerseOrDie experiment.
  • 8 Great Books, Chosen By Me, Pay What You Want Well the time has come for the annual recap of the best books to cross my treadmill this past year. And once again, I’ve wrestled those authors into participating in a blow-out event in which you can get the entire set for as little (or as much) as you want to pay. But the big difference ...