Creativity Hacks

As the title of the site suggests, I’m something of a hacker. Not in the “evil computer genius” sense, but in the sense of being a guy who likes to cobble together solutions. The “creativity” part stems from the fact that many of these “solutions” I explore have to do with the creative arts. I write software tools for my writing, assemble mechanical parts for film making, build devices to assist with animation, etc.

I’ve been doing all of this for years decades, but I’m only just now getting around to collecting those projects (and blog posts about them) under a common roof. And that “roof” is right here. This page. For whatever it’s worth.

  • Reduce your tool clutter to crank out the words Plain text editorAs I have mentioned elsewhere, I'm not a fan of doing the heavy lifting on any long-form writing project in a word processor. (You can read postings here and here to get the skinny on why.)But I recognize that for some, the prospect of learning a new tool is daunting. After all, writers do tend to be creatures of habit. So for those who have swallowed just a little bit of my Koolaid, but not enough to actually abandon your word processors, I offer you some simple steps that you can take to minimize the most invasive impacts your current tools might be having on your productivity.
  • Creativity Hack: Studio Light Mast Parts imageProblem: Adding video production equipment to my office has created too much clutter.Solution: 3D printed parts to mount a mast on the wallThis past fall, the last of my teenage daughters moved away to university. Oh, how the time flies. I remember when she was just a little girl---Waitaminit! ::record scratch:: That means I have space for a dedicated office again! Bye, kiddo. Don't take any wooden checks. Write when you get married.