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Notes on the “how to” of writing.

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IOD-TV Episode #4: Echoing Headwords

Echoing headwords: what they are and what can you do about them.

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IOD-TV Episode #3: Suffocated Empathy

In this episode of The 5-Minute Immersion Lab, I’ll walk through the problem I call “suffocated empathy,” explain how it works, and then give an example of how to nip it in the bud.

One important lesson that shooting pool teaches us about writing novels.

After writing several books now, and being deep into the snake pit with the next one, I’m coming to see that (for me, anyway) writing a novel is a lot…

Book Cover As Writing Tool

I talk to many authors – both online and IRL – and I am always surprised by the number of them who tell me they don’t come up with a…

Character Cards in Scrivener

Not a Scrivener user? No problem. Check out the last paragraph of this article for an easy way to use these cardsĀ in your favorite editing system. Like most Scrivener users,…