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The Only City Left, by Andy Goldman (16:15)

Today we see that when you only have yourself to talk to, the “I” can be implicit.

Paralan’s Children, by Katharina Gerlach (24:34)

Today we see that leaving story points unresolved creates confusion and frustration for readers.

A Summoner’s Confession, by Khana Santamaria (10:27)

Today we see that a mistake in your magic system can throw your entire world into question.

Flower’s Fang, by Madison Keller (4:17)

Today we see that, with enough echoes piled together, even the walls of Jericho can be brought down.

Song of the Summer King, by Jess E. Owen (6:35)

Today we see that if you’re going to write about intelligent animals, you need to gather your own intelligence first.