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At the Crossroads, by Andre Gal (9:42)

Today we discover that mimicking the styles of the past can leave you on the shelf with the novels of the past. What I gleaned about the stories: Characters from…

Transit Point, by A.S. Webster (9:15)

Today we see that early echoes are probably a sign of more echoes to come.

Silvana: The Greening, by Belinda Mellor (40:00)

Today we see that stories don’t have to begin with frantic action to be entirely engaging.

A Dodge, A Twist, and a Tobacconist, by Sophronia Belle Lyon (24:17)

Today we see that readers want time to anticipate big scenes before they happen, and then to savor them afterward.

Savage Dawn, by Inge Moore (16:22)

Today we see that every cliché is a missed opportunity to actually write.