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Sand and Blood, by D. Moonfire (31:01)

Today a good story is eventually worn down by the accumulated abrasions of many tiny grits.

The Battle, by R. W. Allen (5:18)

Today I realize that without specific details, a story isn’t really a story – it’s just an outline waiting to be filled in.

Shard Knight, by Matthew Ballard (8:02)

Today we see that repeating yourself too often creates echoes that pop the immersion bubble.

Warrior’s Embrace, by Jodi Zeitler (3:08)

Today we see that if the author-publisher releases a sloppy product, readers get cranky.

Senlin Ascends, by Josiah Bancroft (10:00)

Today we see another example of tell mode forming an immersion-proof coating that kept me out of the story world.