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The Tainted Awaken, by Jodi Herlick (8:34)

Today we see that any drama that comes from a disguised dream sequence is about as satisfying as the love you get from a hooker.

The Darkness Undivided, by Jesse Jack Jones (9:27)

Today we see that internal contradictions form pincers that can crush immersion.

Black, by Catherine Winters (12:43)

Today we see that I am a total deaf-mute when it comes to the language of the heart.

The Gentle Man, by Michelle Montague Mogil (8:27)

Today we see that shifting verb tense is like changing lanes on the highway – proper signalling will keep you out of the ditch.

Willem’s Tale, by J. S. Davis (4:23)

Today we see that mechanical issues popped me out before I learned anything about anybody.