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Unraveling Time, by Kurt R.A. Giambastiani (2:43)

Today I’ll try to demonstrate just what I mean by “declarative sentences on parade.”

Shooting Arrows by Beverly Ann Flynn (10:31)

Today we discover that the smoothness with which you transition¬†from one character voice to another is as important as how unusual that voice is. What I gleaned about the stories:…

Copper Knights and Granite Men, by DiBaggio and DiBaggio (11:06)

Today we see that multi-dimensional digressions are bad for your health.

Spindown, by George Wright Padgett (23:06)

Today we see that sometimes, a sonic fork is just a fork. Even if it’s sonic.

Madison Lane and the Wand of Rasputin, by Elle Carter Neal (19:51)

Today we see that I flame out hard on teen romance elements.