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The Watch (The Red Series Book 1), by Amanda Witt (19:58)

Today we see that it’s important to establish your narrator’s perspective early on, or risk leaving the reader feeling like the rules suddenly changed. What I gleaned about the story:…

Owned, by Jess C Scott (3:41)

Today we see that you can deviate from any rule of usage if you give the reader a reason to trust your change of course. What I gleaned about the…

The Prince of Ravens, by Hal Emerson (40:00)

Today we see that once an author has earned your trust, your patience is usually rewarded.

IOD score card

Short Stories of the Twenty-first Century, by Prescott Fry (1:14)

Today we see that if readers have been primed to expect exuberant and flowery prose, then they are less likely to automatically discard humorous misinterpretations without even realising. What I…

IOD score card

Three Short Fairytales, by G. Wulfing (1:03)

Today we see that sometimes, it isn’t the narrator who seems unreliable; it’s the author. What I gleaned about the stories: People who spend a lot of time standing around…