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Girl Fights Back, by Jacques Antoine (6:25)

Today we see that when your protagonist gets too pushy, your readers’ suspension of disbelief pushes back.

A Moonlit Task, by Tom Hansen (11:49)

Today we see that some low-level irritants eventually fade into the background, while others only get amplified with each occurrence.

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Junk and Other Short Stories, by Duncan James (1:12)

Today we see that a change in format conveys meaning; and if it doesn’t convey something about the story, it conveys something about the author instead.

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Made in the Image of the Goddess, by Chantelle Griffin (2:41)

Today we see that low-level grammar and punctuation errors can kick the reader out of a story before it even starts.

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She Dreams of Lonely Stars, by LW Patricks (1:37)

Today we learn that some readers actually read your legal page, and they find mistakes there to┬ábe just as disturbing as anywhere else in your book. What I gleaned about…