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Her demonic Angel: and other short stories, by Joy Mutter (0:32)

Today we see that adjectives have a proper ordering and sound wrong when that’s violated. [See here for details.] What I gleaned about the stories: The tendency of teenagers to…

IOD score card
IOD score card

Flash Fiction, by Richard Dee (2:28)

Today we see that background details are supposed to stay in the background. What I gleaned about the stories: Civilization, that structure that provides sufficient elevation above immediate survival that…

City Under Ice, by Te Olivant (12:50)

Today we see that if you’re going hype an upcoming event, you had better deliver.

IOD score card

Eight Unreal Stories, by John Carter (1:42)

Today we see that an error can hit harder if readers think you aren’t the sort of author who’d make it. What I gleaned about the stories: The protagonists of…