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The Day That Never Comes, by Caimh McDonnell (40:00)

Today we see that the flashforward is more like a blaster than a lightsaber: not the most elegant or civilized weapon in the author’s armory, but in the right hands it does the job. We also learn that funny is good, so please send Bryce more funny books.

IOD score card

Loose Threads: A Short Story Collection, by Luis Filipe Alves (2:30)

Today we see that being translated from another language doesn’t make your book’s errors less distracting.

The Grey Bastards, by Jonathan French (40:00)

Today we see that every grumble from a reader costs the author credi… Today we see that names giveth and names taketh away.

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Defragmenting Daniel, by Jason Werbeloff (21:13)

Today we see that an intriguing premise can blunt the impact of technical problems. We also see that Bryce has a squeamish tummy.

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No Way Out and other scary stories, by MJA Ware (2:47)

Today we see that an incomplete or inconsistent ebook feature may be worse than not offering it at all.