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IOD Score card

Darkin: A History of Blade and Light, by Joseph A. Turkot (1:23)

Today we see that readers expect prose style to be consistent.

IOD score card

Teeth of the Gods, by Sarah L. Wilson (6:53)

Today we examine one of the recipes for melodrama.

IOD score card

Resistance (Divided Elements #1), by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky (7:39)

Today we see that a writing style that draws attention to itself can be a double-edged chainsaw.

A Threat of Shadows, by JA Andrews (A minority report)

Today we see that not all readers respond the same way to a given story.

Crimson Night and Other Short Stories, by Jaron Camp (1:12)

Today we see that a typographical error can trick the reader into expecting a different story from the one they get.