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Cheer Up, Jimmy: 3 Melancholy Short Stories, by Dania Sonin (1:31)

Today we see that if you lose the reader’s trust once, they hold the rest of the book to a higher standard.

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Book Simulator, by Chris Yee (40:00)

Today we learn the art of the long con. And we’re thoroughly delighted to be conned.

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Cosmic Seasoning: A collection of short stories by L. G. Keltner (2:32)

Today we see that if you tell readers they might not like your work, they may take your advice.

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The Chained Adept, by Karen Myers (4:50)

Today we learn that it’s hard to engage with a story when the narrator won’t tell the reader what’s going on.

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Black Cat Tales: Black Anne and Other Short Stories, by Andy Morris (0:56)

Today we see that if your first paragraph loses the reader, the rest don’t matter.