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If you’ve read any of my books or stories and are curious about what might be coming next, this is where I post regular updates, reports, and fragments from the projects currently on my desk. Plus, there may be some occasional tidbits tossed in about old stuff—deleted scenes, sketches, diagrams, etc. And if there’s something you’d really like to see, just drop a comment and ask.

Ships of My Fathers, by Dan Thompson

My Blurb: Growing up aboard a smuggler’s ship is exciting, but not Mal Reynolds or Han Solo exciting. So Michael Fletcher thought he was on course for a low-key kind…

Favorite New Sentence Today

They came to him in the trembling hour, when the sun still threatened to take to the sky, but had not yet found the courage.

The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree, by S. A. Hunt

A two-fisted, gunpowder punk, must-read! My Blurb: When a famous writer is murdered, his estranged son Ross returns for the funeral and is quickly plunged into the unfamiliar community of…

Favorite New Sentence Today

Funny what insanity some decent folk will allow when they get a new god stuck in their noggin.

Favorite New Sentence Today

Rules are there to guide us in our thinking—not to stop us from it.