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If you’ve read any of my books or stories and are curious about what might be coming next, this is where I post regular updates, reports, and fragments from the projects currently on my desk. Plus, there may be some occasional tidbits tossed in about old stuff—deleted scenes, sketches, diagrams, etc. And if there’s something you’d really like to see, just drop a comment and ask.

First Contact, by Michael R. Hicks

My Blurb: Ichiro Sato has committed a terrible sin. He survived. When the crew of the TNS Aurora makes unexpected first contact with a hostile race, midshipman Sato is spared from…

Awkward Interruption

So there I was, just about to pull up me pants, when the most fearsome beast in all the Realm broke from the trees before me.

A disgrace of delinquents

Today I needed a word for the group of hoodlum characters in a new series I’m developing, but I discovered that there doesn’t seem to be an accepted collective noun…

Favorite New Sentence Today

Everything about him made her . . . itch, as though his very presence had scratched a wound somewhere inside her, and her mind could not leave alone with its…

Favorite New Sentence Today

Politics is chickens in a hen house, writing policies and protocols for the governing of foxes, when only the chickens can read.