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If you’ve read any of my books or stories and are curious about what might be coming next, this is where I post regular updates, reports, and fragments from the projects currently on my desk. Plus, there may be some occasional tidbits tossed in about old stuff—deleted scenes, sketches, diagrams, etc. And if there’s something you’d really like to see, just drop a comment and ask.

The hazards of hastiness

Favorite new sentence today: Remember, girl, the places you can get to fastest on a mountain are the places you’re trying to avoid.

A friendly chat

Favorite new sentence today: And so their conversation flowed, like two chance-met warriors in the common battle against time, touching on everything and nothing, but humorful just the same.

Geriatric care for the brutal

Favorite new sentence today: There are no elder bounty hunters; only the retired and the dead.

More than just a heavy sigh

 Favorite new sentence today: Soul deep, it was the sigh of one boy’s entire future leaking out through a hole in his life.

A very great distance indeed

Favorite new sentence today: He’d never been very good at people things, even with normal folk, and his two companions tonight were a full day’s walk from normal.