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Sometimes, the canary survives.

See the pretty survivors all in a row.

The Best-of-2015 Collection from ImmerseOrDie

Countless best-of-the-year book reviews will tell you what titles they liked in 2015, but at ImmerseOrDie, our year-end roundup goes all the way to eleven. We’re not just going to…

Brotherhood of Delinquents now available from all major e-vendors

The experiment with Kindle’s Select program is now over, and I am pleased to inform everyone that the first book in my new series, Brotherhood of Delinquents, is now available…

TV interview about Squeak! and the family that produced it

This interview ran last week on the regional cable provider, Shaw. The kids were particularly thrilled to be featured. [youtube url=””]

A great launch day for Squeak!

Jefferson with Princess Brinnameade, the hero of the book, who is now all grown up. Thanks to everyone who braved the blizzard and the power outages to come out and…