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Get Malus Domestica plus 7 more indie books, guaranteed awesome

2nd of 8 awesome books available for a limited time at Pick ’em all up for peanuts. Tell a friend. #urbanfantasy

Pick up Black Ocean plus 7 more IOD-endorsed titles, cheap

1 of 8 awesome books available for a limited time at Get the whole set for dirt cheap. Pass it on. #scifi #indie

The treadmill needs fresh meat

Is your book ready to dine with the gods or swim with the fishes? Submit to and find out. #scifi #fantasy #indie

8 Great Books, Chosen By Me, Pay What You Want

Well the time has come for the annual recap of the best books to cross my treadmill this past year. And once again, I’ve wrestled those authors into participating in a…

Announcing Page Fight!: a fast-paced game where books compete for reader love and authors win

Today I am happy to announce the beta release of an awesome game that lets readers help authors be more awesome, while having fun and keeping score.