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The Ring and the Flag, by William L. Hahn (7:21)

Today we see that tiny issues may not bust immersion, but when they gather in sufficient number, the colossus they form is plenty big enough to get the job done.

8 Great Books, Chosen By Me, Pay What You Want

Well the time has come for the annual recap of the best books to cross my treadmill this past year. And once again, I’ve wrestled those authors into participating in a…

Grey Magic, by JT Lawrence (4:13)

Today we see that if a reader cannot trust the typography, they will never relax fully enough to immerse.

Demoniac Dance, by Jaq D. Hawkins (3:26)

Today we see that when you’re trying to set the hook, it’s better to tell one story, and only one.

The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon, by Tyree Campbell (2:20)

Today we see that a story has to move quickly and unerringly to establish the setting and the rules of the story world.