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punch in the face

Some paybacks are worth waiting for

Favorite new sentence today:¬†Yukel was an exceedingly hard man not to punch, but I took one for the team and added it to his tab. One day there was definitely…

IOD score card

A Conspiracy of Shadows, by Randy Nargi (2:35)

Today we see that creating cognitive dissonance for the reader is a great way to sever the immersion.

IOD score card

The Great Turning, by Lesli Richardson (5:15)

Today we see that a page of mundane travel details is a risky way to start a book.

No-Nuns logo

If the Unlovables had a logo…

Can you imagine a better way to sum up Tayna’s feelings for Sister Regalia and the rest of the Goodies? I couldn’t. So when I needed a t-shirt for Tayna…

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Click to view video Jefferson discusses his theory about the power of well-chosen nouns and their ability to replace heaps of exposition. Paint more evocative worlds using fewer words, and…