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The Great Turning, by Lesli Richardson (5:15)

Today we see that a page of mundane travel details is a risky way to start a book.

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If the Unlovables had a logo…

Can you imagine a better way to sum up Tayna’s feelings for Sister Regalia and the rest of the Goodies? I couldn’t. So when I needed a t-shirt for Tayna…

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Click to view video Jefferson discusses his theory about the power of well-chosen nouns and their ability to replace heaps of exposition. Paint more evocative worlds using fewer words, and…

IOD score card

Toby Smart, by Aaron D. Phillips (1:16)

Today we see that punctuation conventions matter, and if you don’t learn them, invented punctuation conventions will have readers racing for the hills.

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Selling Stories By Telling Stories

Click image to view. Jefferson discusses his method for avoiding the sleazy aftertaste of marketing by telling stories instead of selling stories. Engage readers. Excite fans. Preserve your soul. What’s…